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Lubbock Elder Care home nurse will deliver care service to let you get back to doing the things you revel in and love while you are recovering from an illness or injury. Our physicians assess your condition on every visit and work together with you and your physician to develop a goal-driven treatment plan tailored specifically to your care needs. Lubbock Elder Care nurses function to enhance your wellbeing and protect against undesirable hospital visits on your path to recovery.

Our Services


Tremendous Atmosphere

We maintain the best atmosphere for you so that you can feel comfortable and happy with us


Latest Medical Care

We use all the latest tools and technologies having skilled staff who are dedicated to providing 


Caring and Courteous Staff

We have a highly qualified and dedicated staff who is always courteous to provide you complete care.


Yoga For Relaxation

We render complete care and for this, we schedule several yoga and meditation classes that can provide you deep relaxation and happiness.


Best Assisted Living 

We are proudly the best-assisted living who focus to provide complete care having all the facilities available under one roof.


Hospice Care 

We provide the best hospice care by providing complete care to terminally ill people and these make us the best nursing home


Home Health Nurse at nursing homes in Lubbock

Our nurses provide care that is compassionate, including:

  • Infection management

  • Medication management, teaching, and administration

  • Illness assessment and education

  • Post-surgical management

  • Bathing and healthcare assistance

  • enrolls at each visit on your condition and risk for visiting the hospital

  • Measure blood pressure, pulse, respiration, lung sounds, and blood glucose or pulse oximetry, as dictated by your physician.

Conserved Energy

With Pro, attentive care that makes a difference to the following:

  • Cardiac maintenance, including CHF management

  • Pulmonary care, including COPD direction

  • Diabetes management and schooling

  • Wound care management

  • Pain management

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation

  • Fall prevention

Physical Rehabilitation & Therapy

The process can mean learning how to complete daily chores when you are recovering from an operation, illness, or injury. At nursing homes in Lubbock Tx, our speech, occupational and physical therapists work with you to help you recover through a broad range of rehab services that comprises of stroke rehabilitation and inpatient physical therapy. Services are delivered by us according to a plan of treatment developed by our house health personnel, their family members, doctors, and by individuals to maximize independent functioning. While caregivers and relatives can also be involved, patients remain safe in comfortable surroundings. Our skilled professionals can assist you when you're recovering from surgery or with the management of an illness.

Tasks we may Have the Ability to Assist You with include:

  • Learning to safely walk around your home, preventing drops

  • Improving daily activities

  • Increasing strength and action tolerance for Improved freedom

  • Creating a single home exercise program (HEP)

  • Conserving energy through movements

  • Using assistive devices

  • Assessing cognitive skills

  • Recommendations for home and leisure alterations

Personal Home Care Assistance

At nursing homes in Lubbock, home healthcare services begin with trained professionals with home health care agencies with trained healthcare, dedicated to their duty, bonded, insured, and closely matched to your requirements and tastes. You're looking to supply transportation to medical appointments, or assistance on weekends or during the night. Are you worried about support, companionship, and security? Maybe your members need assistance from caregiving responsibilities, or whether they're outside of town.

Care needs shift with older adults and constantly vary widely. Our private home care assistance offers unique benefits and reassurance for you and your loved ones. Some of these services include:

  • Personal Care

  • Caregivers help customers with daily activities, including but not limited to

  • Running

  • Bathing

  • Conserving energy through movements

  • Toileting

  • Dressing

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Answering the Telephone and door

  • Managing mail

  • Reading

  • Companionship

  • Laundry

  • Meal Preparation

  • Errands and Truck shopping

Our Testimonials

Jessica Jackson

"A good place to live your life again in the ’60s without any responsibilities and tension, love to live there. Recommend it to all elders."

Steve Johnson

"It is one of the best nursing homes that have all the facilities available under one-roof, I love to reside there, would recommend it to everyone who wants a home away from home."

Jhone Dew

"The best nursing home ever, they use all the latest methods to treat you, the staff is so caring, the facilities are awesome. Best place to relax and reside even in illness!"

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Also known as senior living communities or retirement communities, communities at senior center lubbock are fantastic for the ones that want to trade the duty of maintaining a house for a lifestyle of leisure and social activities.

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