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What to Know About Home Health Care

Home Health Care Lubbock TX programs are designed to enable patients to receive medical care in comfort and privacy rather than in a hospital setting. Our home health care services minimize the need for lengthy hospital stays and the associated financial burden.

With this, we collaborated with the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation to detail the different services available by home health care. In-home health care can also provide competent, non-medical treatment, such as health social services or assistance with daily living from a highly qualified home health aide Lubbock.

Home Health Care Lubbock TX, understands that our patients often need more than just medical care. Our caring staff offers services that address the whole person, not just the medical problem, for our patients.

Furthermore, we provide the highest quality home health services to residents of the Lubbock area. Home Health Care Lubbock TX, provides a variety of home health services, including:

Professional Nursing Care: Patients receive an assessment, pain and drug management, IV and wound therapy, catheter, surgical operation, telemonitoring, lab work, and foot care through our professional nursing facilities. Our team also educates the patient on the fundamentals of their condition and treatment.

Specified Disease Administration: Home Care Assistance Lubbock provides home health care facilities for various diseases, including vascular, orthopedic, psychiatric, medical, and postnatal care, cardiovascular, diabetes, dementia and Alzheimer's disease, digestive, and urologic.

Therapy and Rehabilitation: Memory and dementia, voice, dysphagia, Lee Silverman Voice Treatment or LSVT Loud program, falls and fall prevention through strength, balance, and mobility, home exercise, and pain relief through massage, heat, ultrasound, and infrared therapies are all part of our rehabilitation and therapy services.

Personal Care Attendant: Our Home Health Aide Lubbock helps patients with everyday tasks like washing, dressing, shaving, home fitness plans, and vital sign checks.

Qualifications in a Home Health Care

People of all ages and medical conditions may benefit from our home health care services. This quick guide will help you figure out whether you qualify for home health care. If you meet the following criteria, you may be qualified for home health care:

  • You've just been admitted to the hospital.
  • You've sustained an injury or disease that necessitates further care.
  • You have a medical condition that necessarily involves periodic evaluation and supervision.
  • You have problems with your vision, understanding, or mobility.
  • You have bedsores or wounds that aren't healing or improving.

As mentioned earlier, with the help of the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation, we centralized the required cared needs specifically to our patients. By that, we combine them to educate our patients by administering chronic conditions successfully. The second one is health-related technology; this ensures that our patients can be treated with up-to-date technology. Thirdly is proficient care - clinically acceptable use of home health services in the Medicare program will lead to better care quality, lower healthcare costs, and increased performance. Fourthly is improving the delivery of health care - this is advancing studies that can help enhance the quality and reliability of care given to Home Health Care Lubbock TX beneficiaries, as well as identify future Medicare savings opportunities by the clinically effective use of home health care, and to name a few.

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Home Health Care Lubbock TX provides competent and trained personnel to recuperating, disabled, critically ill, or limited lifespan patients. Our caring team offers the highest quality services while assisting patients in living their lives to the full extent.